When will we break ground on the Community Center?
First, we must have pledges in hand to support the entire Transformed Capital Campaign. Then, we will craft a timeline for the completion of each element, including when we can break ground on the Community Center. We are shooting for groundbreaking in December of 2021.

Are any of the partners contributing to the cost of the Community Center?
Connect Community, Legacy Community Health, reVision, and PX Project will participate in this through leases at discounted rates. It is important for all of us to participate in this project together.

Will St. Luke’s be taking on any new debt as part of the Transformed Campaign?
No. One element of the campaign is to retire St. Luke’s only outstanding debt, which was incurred to complete the construction of the church’s parking garage several years ago. We will obtain bridge financing to build the facility, and we will finance the components of the building that are supported by lease agreements from our partners in the project. This project will free our operating budget from any ongoing debt service!

Why are we building a gym in the Community Center when there is one next door at the YMCA?
Next door to Gethsemane is KIPP Connect Charter School. KIPP has a cafe-gym-atorium: a large building with a cafeteria, basketball court, and stage. KIPP uses those spaces on school days for their high school students. The Houston Y operates programs in those spaces on weeknights and weekends. This means there isn’t room in the schedule for our church’s Student Ministries or our long-time partner, reVision, to use the building except on Sunday mornings. The schedule is simply maxed out.

Tell us more about the campaign element to fund the early childhood program at Gethsemane?
Having invested funds raised in our 2018 Christmas Offering to upgrade our Gethsemane facility to meet Texas licensing standards for a preschool, St. Luke’s is now thrilled to partner with Small Steps Nurturing Center to run our new Gethsemane preschool which opened at full capacity in January. That partnership includes our contributing $1 million to share in funding the school’s operating budget for its first three years.

Can I designate my pledge to a specific project of the Transformed Campaign?
St. Luke’s views the Transformed Campaign as a whole, so unrestricted giving will best enable us to meet our goals. Of course, we are thankful for all gifts, and designated pledges will be accepted with gratitude.

What amount should I give to the Transformed Campaign?
There is no giving formula for a capital campaign. We ask that you prayerfully consider a personally meaningful amount; one that will make you and your family feel truly invested in this campaign. We want you to feel that you are a part of the astounding impact that St. Luke’s is making in our city.

When will the church expect payment of my pledge?
Transformed is a three-year campaign, and many will give annually or monthly. If you would like, you may also pay in one lump sum. For more specific information, please see page 26.

Will my three-year Transformed Campaign pledge be in addition to my usual financial commitment to the church’s annual Generosity giving?
Thank you for asking! It is vital that we maintain support for our day-to-day operations and programs in addition to supporting the capital campaign. Fundraising for the Transformed Campaign is taking place this spring, while our 2022 Annual Generosity pledging will be this fall.

What if my financial circumstances change, and I cannot fulfill my pledge…or I want to increase it?
We can adjust. At any time during the three-year period, your pledge can be updated to reflect a change in circumstances. Simply reach out to our Finance Department.

When will we make our pledge?
Our hope is that you will experience the sermon series and complete the prayer journal that starts on May 17th (found here) before deciding on your pledge. A card will be mailed to you the week of May 10th. Then, on Sunday, May 23rd we will gather (in person and online) for Commitment Sunday to present our pledge cards. Please see The Plan for all of the ways to give and deliver your pledge.

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